There are no excuses for poor customer service from your home security provider. These are the people in charge of protecting you. From setup to maintenance, your provider can alter your home security experience for better or worse.

Below, we overview the tailored services, maintenance routines and communication methods to look for in a provider.

Great Customer Service’s Impact on Home Security Setup

A trusted provider optimizes your home security to fit your budget and lifestyle. Home security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With add-ons and connection challenges, select a provider who goes the extra mile to tailor a system to your needs.

Are you an empty nester needing more security while you travel (like automatic lights to make it appear you’re home)? Do you have a full house in need of more smart home features (such as smart locks when people outnumber keys)? Whatever your lifestyle, a great home security provider ensures your equipment is personalized to fit your needs and is willing to talk about new equipment with you. AMEZones home security is worthless if it doesn’t meet your lifestyle or if you don’t understand how to operate it properly.

Routine Maintenance is a Must

Home security is a wise investment, especially if routine maintenance is built into your package. Maintenance visits ensure functioning, up-to-date technology. The best vendors have annual inspections to prevent gaps in your home security.

During an inspection, your technician should perform controlled tests on the system to check transmitted signals to the monitoring center, batteries, and connections. Most importantly, they should repair damaged or malfunctioning parts for you.

If you experience false alarms or system malfunctions, it’s vital you get immediate assistance to remedy. Don’t settle for a provider who doesn’t respond to your issues and concerns.

Speak to a Real Representative or Technician

Chatbots to answer questions are on the rise. But what if you need to speak to an actual person? Choose a provider that offers access to trained technicians. This ensures you aren’t left scrambling to fix issues on your own. Search for providers with local branches instead of huge corporate-wide customer service centers with long wait times. This way, you are more likely to get a quick, helpful response from a REAL person.